Friday, February 27, 2009

What market value does: A recession for Albert Haynesworth?

I am a huge fan of the Washington Redskins--have been for a while.

One morning I woke up to ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning comment, about the Washington Redskins-- it was the shooting with Sean Taylor. So, my ears really woke up quickly this morning when I heard the Redskins mentioned again.

Redskins' Vinny Cerrato was saying that the team needed the strong player and the market demanded a contract worth up to $115 million. What value are you bringing to the world? What would make your employer say you are worth the market-and in fact, set it as a new standard. How do you get a record breaking salary in a recession or as one reporter said last night-a depression?

It was Haynesworth's reputation. One of the Mike's said: with this move Dan Synder has changed the face of the NFL. WOW! That was an amazing comment. One person changes it for all. Dan Sndyer believed in the request from the team for such a player.

Vinny shared the process for signing DeAngelo Hall. Vinny said (I've condensed) "his teammates loved him, the coaches loved him, he performed for the half year he was with us, he is a grad of Virginia Tech, his family comes to the games, and he has been a lifetime Redskins fan."

Wow--Enthusiasm for the job. Now, there are plenty of people saying that it is too hard. That it is too hard out there.

I think there is plenty of room for people confident in their talent, confident in their ability to transfer their skills and enthusiastic for the job!

If you are unemployed--ask youself what you are doing to show your interest and show how you can solve your interviewer's problem?

If you are underemployed--what can you do to get out of that? Would your employer want to put a negative person into a higher level position? To do what-have a negative affect on more people?

Think about it? What can you do to get a record breaking salary in a recession?

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