Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prepare and Perform and Pressure

The OuterBanks are a favorite of mine ever since my folks took me there in the mid 60's. And I am a huge Richard Gere fan. This video is amazing. Well worth the nearly 10 minutes. Have a cup of coffee and watch this. These are unique jobs; doing unique things under the eye of lots of people. This is where schooling doesn't teach you everything; where confidence in what you do is key; where teamwork isn't a game; where you do what you do with the ground being washed away as you do it-literally! And that preparation is key--even if the job is only 22 minutes long. Now what are you doing to prepare, perform under pressure and communicate everything to your team mates.

Monday, January 18, 2010

FLA and unemployment

FLA biz owners do you know that your unemployment compensation tax could increase 1000% (from $8.40ee to $100.30/ee)? The change was effective Jan 2 and triggered when taxable payrolls decreased. So the 11.2% FLA unemployment rate in October triggered the increase which you will pay all or a portion by April 30. Florida has been borrowing money from the federal government to pay out benefits since its trust fund ran out for the first time ever in August. The state borrows roughly $300 million per month and has an outstanding advance balance of about $1 billion as of January, according to the Florida Chamber. Did you know?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So I guess I have more to say than twitter, facebook or linked in would allow--

As I watch all of this with Coach Leavitt at USF--I think this: The President Judy Genshaft looked sad in her announcement; the swift investigation and action was a good thing; does Leavitt protesteth too much?; was it the reported physical thing or the reported interference with the investigation; was there conduct that was a symptom of 'the most powerful man in the house" statement?; how much is that a civil suit could come if acknowledged and even apology is made; why was the media portrayal of the coach so different from what was in the reports of the investigative report (like Tiger Woods?); would an apology make a difference--would a physical contact of the reported nature be "okay' under passion? what does it say about the brand of a University who picks up the Coach-do they tolerate such actions (if true)? do they encourage it? Is this a case of the softening of our culture? As you can see I have questions. This situation easily transfers to corporate life. But why would Leavitt want to be with an organization who has moved on? Sort of like Hillary Clinton was in West Virginia and the primary. The Party didn't want her anymore-they made their choice for candidate, yet she wouldn't give up or give in. How much is pride; how much is due to our litigious society; how much is for more of the outstanding contract dollars; how much is a stimulus bill for all the lawyers and how much is in search of the truth? What do you think? Will you share your thoughts?

Monday, January 11, 2010

DOL news

Updated information posted by Dept of Labor on COBRA: fact sheet, FAQs, poster, flyer for employees, flyer for employers. Updated for the extension of the ARRA premium reduction in the Dept of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Holidays!

So, here's something that may have been in the hoiday card mail. 1000 new workplace audits! Need help? Call 813-920-9030.