Saturday, June 6, 2015

HR for every size business

Here are some tips with links shared at a recent Safety Harbor Chamber Meeting by krexconsulting Principal Consultant Kelley Rexroad.  These are a few key items that will help every business with their HR processes.

  1. Be sure you have an application; not just a resume.  An application allows you to ask the questions and gather the information you need for the business.  the resume may have information which would not have anything to dow with the job ( like religion or age).  Yet, if that is the only information for which you are using, and your don't employ the person then you  may be accused of using potentially discriminatory information.  Have an application that does not ask for year of HS graduation and Social Security Number.
  2. Be sure each interview question is around the job requirements.  Start with “Are you able….?” Such as “Are you able to work until 7pm some nights?
  3. The Job Description allows you to define what the job is, what success int hat job will look like and what expectations are for the position. Without definition of the role how do you know a person can do the job?
  4. Be sure to have an offer letter that outlines the job title, the start date, and the salary in an amount that is by pay such as hourly or bi weekly.  Do not just like the annual pay.  Offers should be made with a contingency around drug tests and background tests.
  5. Be sure to have a 90 day introductory period.  If the person is not working out, have a conversation with him/her.  If you do not see immediate improvement it probably wont be any better.  The 90 day deadline is related to unemployment. 
  6. Be sure to collect an I-9 form for each employee within the first 72 hours.  Be sure you have the latest form.  The Employer’s Guide is really good-,   These forms must be kept outside of the personnel file. Use a 3 ring binder keeping them in alphabetical order with a tab for terminated files behind the active employees.
  7. Be sure you have your posters up.  You can get them free from here:
  8. There are many HR related items in Tallahassee.  Be sure to talk to your representative about them.  
  9. Obamacare regulations continue to roll out.  Stay tuned in with this site:
  10. There are change in the salary test expected involving the Fair Labor Standards Act. This was initiated by the President: The particular fact sheet will be updated as soon as the change is announced.  A general fact sheet is available here:
  11. Be sure you are to date on Protected Concerted Activity and Section 7of the National Labor Relations Act.  This is important  whether you have a union or do not.  This pertains to every business.  There are changing items relating to social media so be sure your policies and handbook are up to date.  Here is one site from which to learn more:
  12. Understand that there is an increased focus on employees working off the clock by answering emails or being on call.  Be sure your job descriptions are up to date and that non exempt employee are paid properly.
  13. Since it is summer-remember that private employers may not have unpaid interns unless the specific rules have been followed.  Details are here:
  14. There are new forms for those employee subject to Family Medical Leave.  There are some fact sheet and some new forms.  Be sure you get them here:

Human Resources is not about just being compliant.  It is about maximizing your largest budget item.  How do you develop and appreciate the talent you have?  It is the people who make a difference in your business.  Are you doing all you can, should and want to for yours? If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Kelley Rexroad, krexconsulting at 813-920-9030 or