Sunday, August 8, 2021

I spoke with your employee today.  

He has been chosen for the role he has waited for -for decades. He is thrilled but puzzled. He interviewed early in the process; then you proceeded to interview others. This went on for months. Do the other candidates who were interviewed feel cheated? Were you always going to choose the internal candidate? Did you deem it a role for diversity or not? Did those candidates have a chance or was it window dressing? Now, clearly, he has the most applicable experience, so what stopped you from offering him the role—months ago? If you wanted him, why did he go through the delay, and suffer the internalized questions of whether he was right for the role? Were you teasing him, so he felt grateful to get the job? If you had doubts, why? Did you prepare him as the successor? If not, why not? You had time. How can your employee, the “winner”, the internal candidate feel good about this process?

Yes, I took liberties with this story of this long public interview process for Jeopardy host replacement for Alex Trebek. Jeopardy Executive Producer Mike Richards has reportedly been selected. Perhaps the delay is to provide more time and space after the death of the beloved host. Perhaps we will learn and perhaps we won’t. 

This story is not unique to this interview process. What pain do you inflict on your internal candidates? Are they good enough, unless you find someone else? If they aren’t prepared, why haven’t you helped develop them? Every recruitment process is a chance to be better.  

Do better; value your employees—always in all ways.  

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